Monday, September 24, 2007

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Mathematics Olympiad 2007

The northeastern Mexico VI Mathematics Olympiad (NMO) in Monterrey
- by José Muñoz Delgado - XXI

Mexican Mathematics Olympiad 2007

Delegation Tamaulipas Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, UAT
UAMCEH, September 24, 2007

After several months of preparation, selection of WMO Tamaulipas Monterrey came to northeastern Mexico to the math competition.

Tamaulipas adolescents
The 15 highest-performing in math faced competition in a spirit of joyful security, confident that their prior qualifications would help them win.

The good news is that overwhelmingly won Tamaulipas in northeastern Mexico Mathematics Olympiad (NMO). Five of the 9 gold medals went to Tamaulipas, Tamaulipas total score and got 231 points, while Nuevo Leon Coahuila 185 and 180. (And the problem 2 - geometry - the scores were: Tam = 76, NL = 38; Coah = 21.)

ONJ was held on 20, 21 and September 22, 2007 in Monterrey, Nuevo León . Participating states are Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Tamaulipas. Each of the three adolescents participated with 15 high performance in math (although the selection of Nuevo León included several children - under 12).
The delegation welcomes this victory and extend congratulations to all participants and their institutions to which they are assigned. We now famous (for the first time dominated by a stunning Tamaulipas in the ONM) and is a triumph that will be remembered by the community Tamaulipas with a special interest in mathematics.

However, the process does not end the contest northeastern Mexico. We can not stay celebrating the victory and forget that the northeastern Mexico is an intermediate step toward the national competition. So this delegation also had two or three things to say about the expectation of performance in the national contest in November.

First in The northeastern Mexico and the tables were turned not only to Nuevo Leon and Coahuila in previous years. It also turned the tables for preselected Tamaulipas about their record of performance in the 9 screening tests: the favorites were in the queue and the angry won the gold medal. How to explain this strange result?

without it being interpreted as wanting to find a spot to our success, one possible explanation is that the delegation agrees that the review was designed as northeastern Mexico for children were not disadvantaged by a limited tooling background. So what? - Say some - that is good is good with easy problems and difficult problems.

Well, this delegation maintained the hypothesis that, as in this case, when the teenager has just acquired the tools are in a transition period in which still lacks an expert opinion to decide which tool is appropriate for given problem. Consequently, we believe that whoever has more tools (recently acquired) is at a disadvantage - it has to decide which to use.

Instead, he has only two or three, do not have to look far because the problem is solved with whom you have or have not resolved at all. And we are in the event that the same limited resources in their favor in elementary problems.

this human factor - too human - is added the fact that the expectation was that the level of difficulty was high-low as last year -: it would motivate the basic problem is faced with sophisticated tools. They just do not fit in the head to the most gifted of northeastern Mexico that a problem was resolved with an example!

The lesson should be learned here is that high-achieving students should be able to assess the level of difficulty of the problem before solving it. But that is precisely what they need to competitors novices - though you had a good training in problem solving - because there is never enough time for such instruction.

In short, at least two problems (1 and 3) benefiting the most vulnerable, in the sense that postulated above. Problem 2 - geometry - although it was elementary (two or three applications of the theorem of the midline and one of Thales and already was) was where they felt more prepared for the Delegation Tamaulipas. And that's because it required the proper application of two theorems, and they were basic.

In any case, any way you see, the selection Tamaulipas dominated northeastern Mexico and possibly contest this fact alone is becoming a legend - In our favor. So the results can be interpreted and reinterpreted - which would make the selection most legendary Tamaulipas 2007 - and yet, as there are hard data that proves our success. (Remember, even for once, Tamaulipas that the university has no power to do have Mathematics as Nuevo Leon and Coahuila.)

The important point here is that this delegation effort invested in training and - -even more important - hard work and tenacity of pre-selected, paid a fruit. And if - as expected - the mathematical community members in training, give some credit the good opinion of the delegate, it is asking a vote of confidence to include in the shortlist to two elements (added to the 10 that were announced on 22 in Monterrey), who - despite maintaining a high performance during training - collapsed in northeastern Mexico: This is Alexis and Brandon.

This delegation makes a bet on them to stay in the fight for one of the six sites Tamaulipas Math Team that will compete in November 2007 in Saltillo Coahuila in WMO XXI. The bet Brandon is learning speed, and that fact alone, be a promise of Alexis is for his career in the screening, which but only twice was way up on the scores remained always above average. (Say, by the way, who participated in the 2006 National.) At risk of sounding sentimental, this delegation does believe that Alexis deserves a second chance.

Alexis and Brandon with the preselection is left with 12 members. The question now is why did not the other three? Well, the answer I have is pragmatic - and gives priority to the expectations of high performance in the national competition. The anger that are already among the top 10 in northeastern Mexico will remain a natural right, but those who are cholera in northeastern Mexico and either oscillating or consistent downward selective, this delegation can not bet on them ... (In any case, are freed from hard work to stay within the pre-selection for the month of October.)

Another, even more pragmatic reason - is that the leaders in northeastern Mexico were cholera in the selective pressure may not hold your fighting in the next four selective, since they already have other interests or do not have enough time to devote to WMO - one of the reasons why, let us recall once again the pre Tamaulipas began with more than 20 .

In any case, the pragmatic approach of this delegation is that the contest northeastern Mexico should not deviate from the goal - drawn from beginning - a high performance in the national competition. We have won in northeastern Mexico and that is indisputable, and is a source of pride for all of Tamaulipas, but in the national competition is incomparably greater competition and the difficulty level much higher. That's why the selection Tamaulipas 2007 should not depend on the results in a contest of moderate difficulty. That said, Tamaulipas screening becomes: Screening

Tamaulipas (Post-NOM)

Guzmán Navarrete L Brandon
Alexis Briones Garza Gutiérrez Aguilar N

Gabriela Ramirez Maldonado J A López Romero

Honorio Del Ángel José Medellín Luis
Iván Roberto López López Martínez J Armando Garza

Magaña Sergio Vargas A
Oscar López García Saldaña A Alvizo
Thomas A
Cortez Adriana Tinoco

screening tests Calendar postnorestense

September 29,
October 6, October 1920
October 1927.

In each of these selective shortlisted will be deleted 2: the two lowest scores. All selective, except possibly one, will be by email. (Is pending Pierre Fermat contest date that would have to be selective.)
selective in the email, the review would be sent pre-selected on Friday afternoon and return by the same route on Saturday before 12 pm. The electronic form of selective efficacy was tested in the selective 6 and 9, so there should be no problem this time. Each

selective review between Sunday and Monday, and sent to the shortlisted the result by Tuesday afternoon - resulting in at least two members short listed. The process is repeated until the fourth selective, after which the list of the six selected will be sent to the national committee of the WMO by the end of October. Concluding Remarks

This delegation considers that the 12 members of the Tamaulipas pre 2007 and have acquired sufficient maturity to study mathematics as their own. So, from now on, you may just have a workout. The goal - I repeat - is to choose the best 6 of the 12 remaining. The selective will consist of three problems of national competitions (not necessarily from Mexico). The list of national problems (WMO) will be sent later. Either way, we are on line if you have any questions ...

Congratulations again and keep their position, because now follow the forced-light at the end of the tunnel is in sight now ... in November ...