Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Many Combinations 8

Bound and boxes or storage boxes - Considerations

As commented in previous posts, if we want to keep our comics are in doubt about whether bound or otherwise store. Without pretending to teach doctrine on the subject, I'll simply exposing some of the considerations that I have done to make subsequent decisions.

is no doubt that some comics are well bound to have a longer life in principle to be protected from unnecessary movements wrinkles and good decks. However, before making the decision to group them under binding we think that unless they are very close all the songs, at least going to be crippled in the loins to make a few small incisions through which pass the yarn for sewing. All this regardless of the time from its potential market value becomes half or so. But hey, we will not enter into consideration as material to a material that we like and with whom we enjoy, simply note that precision if it helps someone who does not control the issue to make a decision.

Accordingly, I would have to go to the traditional binding (except for obviously personal issues) in those cases where the comics have their backs broken, or come and binding (see previous posts in this blog), or have leaflets or other damage that will presumably eventually more.

So we will briefly alternative storage boxes, the possibilities are unlimited and fully cover both the role of storage as the conservation and exhibition of our comic books in any library. As shown in the pictures you see some boxes that I designed for the original collection of Little Black Panther dividing it into three cases that appear in our library so many volumes. They are built with solid material and the cover is made of cloth binding on which is printed in a design based on the covers of the comics of this character.

In the first of the pictures you can see even small strips that serve to extract the signatures because the boxes have been built to move as little as possible, but it is easier to access without damage to the leaves before any wrinkles.

These kits I've come to develop in many different ways to allow all types of elements in its construction, leather, cloth, paper, etc ... and combinations with other elements as we shall see in the future.
also be thought that as a way to get started in the conservation of comics does not require expensive materials and we will not spoil anything. If we do not go well at the first and the second will, but the comics will not hurt. Successive entries
-tutorial exercise will consist in carrying a box of these or similar features to an old collection of comics. Doubts

you know that you can raise them in the email address listed to the right, and if disponeis a collection of specific comics you wanted to make a case you can also propose and could make it together.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adult Plastic Pants For Husband

And in the end bound - 2

Finally, failing to put the titles on the spines here is the result of our work. The before and after. The pleasure of rereading and retain another good period of time about comic books as we saw at first threatened to go tearing and breaking all the time.

In next posts will discuss whether or not to bind and how in each case and begin to introduce the world of storage boxes, which not only spoil our comics but help keep indefinitely with an outward appearance that we can do in terms of our imagination.
I await your comments and thanks for following this Blog.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How Does A Puppy Female Look

And in the end bound - 1

We'll finish our small volume putting first the guards, who are or may be, a sheet folded in half to have a length slightly exceeding the leaves of the book, to crop and even later.
(Care to cut and they have to have the thread - fiber in the same direction as the leaves of the book. - VERY IMPORTANT) (view DOUBT)

We turned the guards and small edge of the tail paste on the edge of the bone folder then going to take hold.

guards are already in place. As we see, stand out a bit, so ...

... proceed to cut the surplus by introducing a metal ruler between inside and leaves the book to guide us.
With the guards in place, now paste the strips of tape to keep them and strengthening the role flap that is sticking the spine.


width measurements of the book. As we round the back and we will leave a small channel on the cover, measure the width less than 7 mm. That will be the width of the lid. The high will be what measures he took more than 6 mm.

Now let's cut the ridge. Its measurement is given by the width of the volume, which can be measured as you see in the picture, putting a piece of paper crossed and marked on the two points, front and rear. A well taken as is necessary to add the bulk of a carton and a half we are going to put a lid and cover. (The high will be the same as the cardboard cores).

With the above measures we rely on a cutting board with a good cutter and cut the two boards.

already have the three pieces that will wrap our take

present the three parts on a piece of cloth or guaflex (to taste) and let including a separation of 7 mm. edges and 2.5 cm.

we glue our parts and we put on canvas or guaflex (which is this case) proceeding to carry out the kinks with the letter opener.

round up the back (can be stretched against the edge of the table). The photo you can see how it is rounded up and put the volume on the set to see if we measured it and made the appropriate margins.

which is only now come to call - get the book-glued those little tops channels and we also glue the spine of the book.

introduce the volume in place and leave with weight at least an hour, having scored before these small channels with the letter opener and then leaving in place a few skewers as used on the barbecue so that they are properly marked and sealed.
In our next chapter we will stick guards and contemplate the finished work compared to what we had found at first.