Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How Do I Delete Music Off My Sd Card

Let's restore - 5 - Ending

Well, in this short session we'll leave the volume practically ready to bind it. Left
will see the tape to restore package that we will apply to fix the lid to the booklet. Are antacid and will not harm the comics. I never think about using vulgar or vulgar zeal because it will pollute the comic and blotchy, but now there are products that help eliminate it. (Another day talk about them)

The tape is fixed on your site.

reviewed with the letter opener (instrument used for these purposes and to mark, fold, bone or pasta) or other instrument to help us that the paper adheres to the surface.

The cover is already in place, we closed on the booklet and return to pass the letter opener to tape bonds While in that position. This tape or paper to restore the advantage that it is very transparent and then practically not noticeable.

see that there is a small slit on the cover.

On the inside we restore the slit with the same previous material and passed the letter opener ahead and behind.

Here is the result. As you can see practically no noticeable.

Now it cut the excess of the cover with the scalpel. We support the volume on the cutting board or material will receive the incision of the blade and put a metal ruler between the cover and the material to match the rest of the leaves, in order that only the excess and Excel proceed to match doing the same for all three sides.

This is the result of our small graft cover.

We take a sheet of recycled paper (by the tone of color) or other similar to cartoon sheets, folds it in half and glued to the cover. Do the same for the other side of the volume, the rear, so that the leaves protect both the cover of the first issue as the cover of the latter.

proceed to glue the back.

When practically transparent tail proceed to round the back with the hammer. (There are other tutorials on how to do this phase, but if clarifications are needed no more to say).
This photo shows that the back is rounded and white edges. We put it under a weight to set the rounding of the back and tail back to give that intention.

We left under the weight until the glue dry completely. And with this we can conclude our snacks. But we will not leave and the volume (of course), so in the next chapter we will bound our comics and made some caps ....