Wednesday, December 22, 2010

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Christmas cartoon - Joan Boix

Another friend, Joan Boix, has agreed to this little corner of comics and has been kind enough to send a greeting, with your permission, I am happy to hang all the art lovers to enjoy.

Soon there will be news on this Blog ever expanding content for the love of comics and not forgetting their support: paper.

Monday, December 20, 2010

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Christmas cartoon - Enric Badia Romero

Before continuing with our boxes and our adhesives, today we will celebrate Christmas with two great reminders Enric friend, whom I will not submit, because it is more than obvious that you need, we have been dedicated to all lovers of comics:


In the next blog-trade will continue with the tutorial CHT box and then there are more projects, including which I include not only restoration but also reminders for many artists English should be a public recognition of the C of Culture or in capital letters. Merry Christmas from poramoraltebeo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kidde Smoke Alarm False Alarm

a case for the magazine CHT

Today we will make a journal box for CHT ( ), and who dont have problems going to put measures which I built that fit perfectly.
The base is like that described in another entry to the box I did for Blackshirt, meaning that I skip these steps, any doubt Just write me a line.
already know that consists of two trays one bigger than another, and each tray has a base and three sides, two short and one long, these pieces are glued to the base, left dry and then line the whole. In the next picture we see the two side shelves with stuck:

In this state should be tested in the small tub if our magazines go well, because without realizing that we have been able to deflect the cut and then that could reverse .
also see the large tray fully covers small tray with minimal margins
Alongside the trays are three more pieces of cardboard, they will be the front cover, back and spine:
To design decks will be three boxes, I made a template in word that cover the cartons, or anything more than you have to make the design you like and stick within the limits of the template, then a simple Imprimis A3 and ready. Here you can see the cardboard for the back fits into your template:
Well, let the mess:
-Small tray (which will contain the magazine): 309 x 235
- 2 short sides of the tray Small: 232 x 35
- 1 Side small pan over: 309 x 35
-Large tray: 320 x 243
- 2 short sides of the large tray: 239 x 40
- 1 Side along the large tray: 320 x 40
- Lomo: 327 x 48
- Cover: 327 x 245
- cover: 327 x 245

In the next post I will put the word file for you can edit your designs. For now you can go on cutting of cardboard (the thickness used is 22 or 24)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Motocross Wedding Cake Topper

Comics Vertex: His eternal sheets

Today we will address the issue of loose-leaf vertex comics, something fairly common, the glue with flaps that are glued dried over time and becomes a rigid mass out leaves to read.
Obviously what I am going to comment here also serves to any other comic-comic whose leaves have decided to have an independent life.

materials that we need to operate:

- Tail binding (not to be confused with Carpenter, despite the resemblance, as I said, one is elastic - that of binding, and the rigid carpenter)
- A small press (manufactured by ourselves with two boards)
- Sewing thread
- Small saw
- Brush
- Rasp

Then our patient:
If they were not loose all sheets should release them now we are removing the remains of the original glue to put it in the pages press with the back up and pressed

Now we take the rasp and went through the back, carefully but without fear, they are not going to happen to the pages, you will remove the glue and we will leave an irregular surface that will support better part of the queue after

We therefore

And we have the spine clean and all loose pages OPTIONAL STEP: In principle and could move to STEP OF BONDING and certainly our comics readings endure for many years, but if we want to strengthen them there follows that sheets do not separate easily. Given the difficulty of opening the leaves that these comics have, I have replaced the traditional string is often used for this operation for a normal thread, sewing, which will anyway enough grip.

Then we saw our little one cross sections with the same depth as the thickness of the wire going to put. Be cut short, in short. I have a little more depth cutting educational purposes in order to see clearly.

With four courts think it would be enough

STEP OF BONDING. Whether it has done the previous step, as if we decided to dispense with the splits, the next step is to glue the pages. To do so inclined leaves to one side, pressing with fingers, so that when we give the queue every page get a little ... so inclined, we proceed to glue ....

We've had a hand

leaves now inclined to the opposite side so it can penetrate a little bit of glue

queued along the spine the leaves and steep and we have made the first part.

If at the time decided not to do the splits, we would make two boards for pressure and return to dry glue when the first two hands. Otherwise, let the wires go ... We'll ranuritas getting by leaving a little overhang on each side, the length does not matter because then cropped.

We do this with all the slots we have done ....

with care We got the press and put two cartons by pressing the comic and we put in the press (The leaves should no longer move, but do it carefully). We return

to be glued around the back, and if they get the thread a little push them inward so they are covered by the tail

Another little hand almost to tail operation. When this coat is dry we got the comic book of the press and remove the cardboard

Here we have already prepared

Now cut the excess threads on both sides
And finally take the caps and glued only the center channel. (No need to re-gluing the back pages of the comic). Only the center channel ....
We put the comic on your site, press against the back of the caps and put the whole under a weight to keep it from moving and dry thoroughly. At least one night (not in a hurry, you're all done)
And here is our cartoon bare once again ready to be read
so you can see how well it opens and there is scope in the inside the leaves despite having entered the small thread
We clean as explained in previous blog-tered and we can save it, preferably in a plastic bag antacid to avoid being contaminated by contact with other comics.
For the next blog-trade occurred to me to design a magazine pouch CHT ( ), as it has enough quality and deserves to be preserved. We also have to encourage them to continue. To simplify your work directly measures shall give you the tickets, and we will already be discussing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Does Rephresh Cause Spoting Or Bleeding

Vertice Comics: Comics More Vertice

As already mentioned before, we do now a small new experiment.
1 - Prepare a small mixing soap with water (this makes the whole world with old oil.)
2 - We had a stick to clean these babies ears wet in the previous solution.
With that clean the surface a bit to enable the chloramine after applying the base and is more uniform.
3 - We use chloramine as I indicated in another post.
4 - Clean the surface treated with distilled water.
Lastly, to prevent these wrinkles can put the sheet between blotters, placing a weight on top and letting it all night. In principle, the wrinkle should disappear. (Needless to wet the sheet, simply put it between drying and weighing).

next blog-trades: Vertex and loose-leaf spines

Friday, September 17, 2010

Does Rephresh Cause Spotting Or Bleeding

Chloramine: The Dirt by contagion

Well, maybe the title is a bit extreme and not afraid. When we store the vertex editorial Comics taco or billet such as commonly referred, is a small transfer of ink to cover a cover of another and vice versa. This ultimately results in a sort of grayish spots that disfigure the covers of comics that were originally white.
On the back of the next photo you will appreciate what I mean. It is a comic in principle to be preserved but that being in contact with the next collection, and have very white cap, has received some ink on the other, giving rise to the spots you see in the picture below.
Well, there is a paste used for restoration which put photo below ...
... that applied on the cover above produces the following result:
Another example:
... and the result ...
The result is good, you can continue working up to almost eliminated. I could check that leaves no trace, not lift the paper and can make very clean these comics. From recommend cleaning enter each in a plastic bag or use antacid layers of this type of plastic to separate comics.
This procedure has not been tested in those comics whose rate exceeds the dirt that I mentioned here, in which case there would be enough, but hey, we'll see if those can also do something in the future.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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stains, foxing, mold and dirt. Tutorial

As a preliminary phase before starting to fix our Vertice, we will discuss today a product that I discovered recently that I decided to try: Chloramine-T. Do not bet for or against the same, just have done some tests and put them here for everyone to write a review. Of course all comments are not only welcome but appreciated.

Well, get to work. In the first picture you can see a cover in which many will recognize common elements in other comics or films you have in house. Points covered Foxing, stains, which are not known for sure what their origin and whether they contain a variety of mushroom or simply a result of oxidation of paper to preserve it in poor condition.

Of course, its appearance is given by a poor conservation, humidity and poor ventilation, that is, the great basement for storage, because equality of paper, comic book publishing and I easily found that those who have been kept well ventilated and have not developed these spots.


This is the product. According to the manufacturer has to be applied in two passes and never completely covering the blade not to alter the fiber paper, but point by point. In the first pass would eliminate the life of the fungus and the second would produce the cleaning effect. Finally we must return to lend a hand with distilled water (which is used for car batteries) to balance the role

And this is the result of applying it only on the left side of the cover shown above.

Let other. I have tested with comics from different eras and the reaction was always positive. In any case removed "almost" in full the stain.
In the example below I made a comic most recent period and also ensuring that behind there was a spot illustration to see how it affected the product to another page, if discolored or produced any new spot ...

This is the sample

... And this is the back page ... Aaaaggghhh!

Here the result in the treated corner:
Check that the cover has not been degraded or has been (in both cases have applied the distilled water as recommended by the manufacturer)

seems that the product works and sanitation.

In the next blog-trad apply chloramine-t about a comic Vertex to see how it works with these papers.