Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gpsphone Rom Repo Pokemon 386

Christmas cartoon - Joan Boix

Another friend, Joan Boix, has agreed to this little corner of comics and has been kind enough to send a greeting, with your permission, I am happy to hang all the art lovers to enjoy.

Soon there will be news on this Blog ever expanding content for the love of comics and not forgetting their support: paper.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Which Gas Stations Sell Condoms In The Bathroom

Christmas cartoon - Enric Badia Romero

Before continuing with our boxes and our adhesives, today we will celebrate Christmas with two great reminders Enric friend, whom I will not submit, because it is more than obvious that you need, we have been dedicated to all lovers of comics:


In the next blog-trade will continue with the tutorial CHT box and then there are more projects, including which I include not only restoration but also reminders for many artists English should be a public recognition of the C of Culture or in capital letters. Merry Christmas from poramoraltebeo

Friday, December 10, 2010

Kidde Smoke Alarm False Alarm

a case for the magazine CHT

Today we will make a journal box for CHT ( ), and who dont have problems going to put measures which I built that fit perfectly.
The base is like that described in another entry to the box I did for Blackshirt, meaning that I skip these steps, any doubt Just write me a line.
already know that consists of two trays one bigger than another, and each tray has a base and three sides, two short and one long, these pieces are glued to the base, left dry and then line the whole. In the next picture we see the two side shelves with stuck:

In this state should be tested in the small tub if our magazines go well, because without realizing that we have been able to deflect the cut and then that could reverse .
also see the large tray fully covers small tray with minimal margins
Alongside the trays are three more pieces of cardboard, they will be the front cover, back and spine:
To design decks will be three boxes, I made a template in word that cover the cartons, or anything more than you have to make the design you like and stick within the limits of the template, then a simple Imprimis A3 and ready. Here you can see the cardboard for the back fits into your template:
Well, let the mess:
-Small tray (which will contain the magazine): 309 x 235
- 2 short sides of the tray Small: 232 x 35
- 1 Side small pan over: 309 x 35
-Large tray: 320 x 243
- 2 short sides of the large tray: 239 x 40
- 1 Side along the large tray: 320 x 40
- Lomo: 327 x 48
- Cover: 327 x 245
- cover: 327 x 245

In the next post I will put the word file for you can edit your designs. For now you can go on cutting of cardboard (the thickness used is 22 or 24)