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Champi, lideradno the group in the final ramp to the first hill Saturday

Open Altitoy
Tourmalet - Bareges - Luz Saint Sauveur
29-30 Jan 2011

Finally we Altitoy the legendary race, the environment of the Tourmalet, Bareges, Luz St Sauveur.
The weather looks better for Saturday for Sunday and so the organization adapts, tracing the most demanding routes on 1 test day. And so on Saturday we had 3 hours of mid-level clouds and clear sunny skies before closing at noon then veered to the north this afternoon and covered the sky from the night of Saturday and throughout Sunday. Still, the atmosphere was outstanding throughout the weekend.
On Sunday we all leave the skin in a career, but with little visibility, we were able to complete thanks to the perfect markings and persons located in the most dangerous, we guided and informed at all times.
Congratulations to the organization to know ADAPTOR year and achieve a great test of ski-touring!
All information and classifications, early in
Jorge García-Dihinx

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Champi, Isabel San Juan, Feliu Izard, Marie-Claude Tourillon and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

Exit route A on Saturday 29

The blue dawn sky. Evil comes from the south, but Tarade to arrive until noon

An inch of snow the day before the test was a beautiful route

Zetas Zetas and path of the first hill of the day

Textures come magical sunny

The row of runners, the backlight of the morning

party end at 1 hill with skis on his back without crampons

the background I see the ramps to the last hill of the day. The last 100 m are to crampons

Champi leads the group that attacked on foot the last ramps at 1 col

After spending by 1 pass, went down to walk about 200m to put of new skis and climb

start ramps to 3 second and final pass of 1 day tour B

This was the last photo I that day. After playing catch crampons and clouds invaded us in meters of the race last

The pair of veterans Carlos Herráez and Luis Royo, happy after reaching the goal on Saturday with a magnificent job

Carlos Herráez, Isabel San Juan, Ange Jaén (Champi), Marie-Claude Tourillon, Jorge G ª-Dihinx and Luis Royo, the goal

Ready to take the start on day 2. Poor visibility caused this was the only photo I took that day. As it turned out, we all run and really, in contrast to the 1 st day, this time we tear. What a great feeling!

before returning to Zaragoza, I photograph my Altitoy dorsal. Until next year!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

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29-30 Jan 2011 Circular from Balneario Panticosa: Pico Punta del Puerto and pumpkins, 16 Jan

Snow White up to the Punta del Puerto ( or peak no name) located at W Pico basin. Bonita edge with crampons and ax
Circular Pico Punta del Puerto and pumpkins, pumpkins and neck.
Balnerario Panticosa, January 16
Donato Molina, Edesio Vidal, Marie-Claude Tourillon, Snow White and Jorge Garcia Dihinx
circular from the Spa magic with the lights Panticosa January. Although we complain that too little snow this year, I must say that years of less snow are the years when most ski mountaineering We, as good weather and the snow is stable. Have more snow and bad weather means having to stay home for days. We take it
this anticyclone to travel a new loop, through the neck pumpkins, strategic step in the wall of pumpkins south of Batanes.
The lower the will by the GR-11 following the path, with crampons. As the valley is poorly covered and is a series of painful blocks. After leaving the forest, put out the sun and skis. After reaching the mountain lakes of Brazato will surround the Punta del Puerto to the south and then we shod beautiful crampons for final edge.
From alllí we'll shoot the hill Brazato and continue downhill to the east to get to the neck pumpkins, beMy-hidden step that will leave the foot of the Batanes. But Donato suggests another dose of aerial edges Mountaineering, guiding the Pico pumpkins, sharp ramps of snow that we return the alpine environment. The final height is a pyramid of snow, a perfect triangle. And there we climb to win the 2nd summit of the day. Yupiii!
What a wonderful trip, visiting new sites since the Bath and rising to peaks never trodden by us ...
And finally, the apotheosis descent on skis at 4 pm, with the spring snow that much down West ranging from pumpkins to the Spa Panticosa.
Another great day with a unique company.
Blanquita Congratulations for enduring to the end, despite the cold that would not let you even breathe. You're a champion! Jorge

To see the rest of the photos, you can click here

Picture taken two days before from the Pico Arnal, with the route marked

IGN 1:25.000 map with the route of the day

White jib and Tablate Brazato peaks in the background. Premiering their new Rossignol

skirt Point Harbor to the south, above the reservoir Brazato

Behind us looms the solid Argualas and Black Garmo

Rumbo the hill between the basin and the Punta del Puerto. At the bottom Tablate and Foratulas

stop to put crampons and climb the final ridge to the Punta del Puerto

Views from the Punta del Puerto toward Panticosa Spa

top Photo: Marie-Claude, Donato, White, and Jorge Edesio

Blanca, down climbing the wall of the Punta del Puerto

icy snow on the north side. Come to the hill and thence Brazato neck pumpkins

Bound neck pumpkins. Behind the surge basin and the Punta del Puerto

Arriving at neck pumpkins. Behind the massive Vignemale

Marie-Claude and Donato, launching ramps pumpkins Peak

The three, up to "the edge steak, "as would Champi (ha ha)

We reached the final summit of Pico, made only of snow ...

After a short final climb with good snow, I climbed to the top of Pico pumpkins and Donato brings me this beautiful panoramic photo. Thank you very much!

Precious down from pumpkins to the Resort, with evening lights

Snow White, very good style, learned a few days earlier Baqueira with our teacher Miguel Angel Campos!

Enjoying the spring snow 5 in the afternoon ...
A good dish combined in the House to finish this great day

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The weather from 27 to 30 January: stirred weekend. Snowfall in Aragon Fri and Sat


Saluti a tutti ...

Bulletin issued on Thursday January 27, 2011 at 19:00

General situation and trends: Stormy over the country. Rain and snow these days

When cold air we have on the Peninsula is compounded by the arrival of a storm coming up from the south which will turn on us the next day. So for now moist air comes from the south, a bit warmer, but collided with the cold air prevails in Aragon, we are going to snow in the center of Aragon (and Zaragoza) for the morning on Friday and Saturday. With progress in both days, the snow level will go up and as rain below 800-1000m in the center of Aragon. In the Pyrenees it is expected a good snow (elevation 800m) for the evening of Friday, after on Saturday from South spoiled before noon with another snowfall somewhat weaker (later in French).
Between Saturday and Sunday, the storm will drift towards the Mediterranean, rolando on Sunday the flow from south to north (North East) and changing tables, wiping the skies in Aragon and covering the French Pyrenees and the border. So, perhaps Sunday covered in the Pyrenees and sunny in the Ebro Valley Follow the cold environment these days, dimensions of 400m x snow in the morning and up to 800-1000m at noon. Abrigarses. Eye roads. Environment troubled, uncertain and poor reliability prediction.

NOTE: stormy This "revolving" on the country, tends to behave not unlike a cold drop, whose behavior is very predictable. This is why forecasts written here have for this weekend very poor reliability. Cójanse with many reservations. Sorry.

Today Thursday, 27 January: Very gray in Aragon, with some sun in the Pyrenees
Pyrenees In today have had a day of sun and clouds, more clouds being late hour. Gray will continue tonight but only slightly.
In Zaragoza we had such a gray, but no rain until this afternoon, getting some light rain. We have not spent as 6 º C and winds were blowing between weak and moderate E. rains are now coming from the south to the center of Aragon , with a coat of snow begin to 800m, lowering to 500m overnight or even at the level of Zaragoza, ceasing at dawn. So, come rain this evening and perhaps sleet tonight at Zaragoza.

In heaven will be filled during the morning, arriving at the snow English Pyrenees between mid-morning and noon and downloading mainly on the southern and border. Nevará moderately, with snow level around 800m and with moderate winds from the south. Expect about 15-20cm of snow. Iso 0 ° being about 1.200m, with temp in the valleys of -3 / 4 º C. In the French Pyrenees to the north, the snow will be very weak and will stand with cloudy skies and no rain soft throughout the morning and noon. Snowfall on the English side will stop around midnight, giving a respite to the new south front come Saturday. Eye crossings closed by snow maybe ...
In Zaragoza We overcast dawn and snowing in central and southern Aragón, raising the rainfall in the north of the region formed the morning progresses. Thus, possible snow in Zaragoza tomorrow morning, which would rain around midday. Temp in capital 0 / 5 º C and light winds from the SE, which will be strong in the south of Aragón. Will mostly cloudy day with rain weak, which will be subsiding at the end of the afternoon, leaving a dry final day. Winds SE slack.

Truce of rainfall during the night of Friday to Saturday

In Pyrenees
covering skies again from the south during the morning, with arrival of snow to the south side weak Pyrenees just before noon. In the French Pyrenees, protected by fohën, endure veiled skies and no rain all morning, the skies thickened after noon and weak snow arriving early in the afternoon. Follow the gentle flow south. Iso 0 ° being about 1.200m, with snow level to about 700m on the English side and 1.000m in the French side. Temp in the valleys of -3 / 3 ° C. In ski -6 º C. In the afternoon snowfall will continue in the Pyrenees and light winds will veering south to NE.
In Zaragoza could dawn with snow again weak to roam the snow level to the 300-600m 1 st hour, going to rain before noon. So very cloudy skies and possibly snow to 1 st hour. Temp in the capital of 1 / 6 ° C. Precipitation (snow-rain) will continue at noon and again referring to late afternoon. They are expected to moderate to 1 st hour and then dispersed weak during the afternoon, although the current pattern is very chaotic and unpredictable (all can happen). Variables x light winds in the morning, veering to northwest in the afternoon. Dusk and dawn after dry.

During the night between Saturday and Sunday are expected snowfall of NE that will affect the French Pyrenees, with snow level to only 600m, eye.

French Pyrenees Pyrenees
In very cloudy skies from dawn, with weak snow that will affect the French Pyrenees border since dawn. Initial snow level to 500m, rising to 900m after noon. Will the rest of the day with overcast skies and snow weak, especially on the French side and border. Expect about 50-10cm in total. The winds will be weak from NE. Iso 0 ° being about 1.200m, with temp in the valleys of -3 / 2 º C. In ski -8 º C.
In Zaragoza sunny day with few clouds and no rain, with gale subtle. Cold environment, with temp -1 / 6 ° C. Pleasant the sun in the middle hours of the day but cold early morning and after dusk. Keep warm.

Trend post: Monday very variable. Snowfall in the Pyrenees of Navarre and Catalonia. Aragonese Pyrenees variable, with sunny spells. Keep the cold
Very difficult to refine further the trend because it is not very defined. On Monday following the cold weather, mostly cloudy and rain in the Basque Country and Navarre Pyrenees, variable skies Aragonese and Catalan persistent snow, with smooth flow and cold NE.
variables also in Zaragoza skies with sunny spells and, in principle, only slightly. Temp in the capital -1 / 7 º C and mild north wind.
On Tuesday paints moist flow from the East, with significant precipitation in the Mediterranean coast, which will start during the night of Monday to Tuesday (eye), giving the snow Tuesday in Teruel and in the Catalan Pyrenees, with this flow. In general, predicting very uncertain.

Altitoy 2011 Weather: snow x Friday afternoon. Saturday "south" somewhat gray but dry. Domingo "north", snow

Friday afternoon: Snow on the English side, roads
eye Eye
snow during the afternoon on the south side of the Pyrenees and the border, with elevation of about 600 - 800m and expected about 15-20cm. In Luz Saint Sauveru precipitation will be very weak fohën and the snow level will be about 1.100m. Eye passes. Portalet wrong. Somport, perhaps something better. Even better for San Sebastian to Madrid, Navarra and Basque or by Toulouse for the Catalans. The Manic try the Somport. Chains and / or snow tires. Pass?

Saturday: The morning holds dry, evening, breaking down after the race. Snowfall weak x afternoon
seems that the new head of South coming from Spain did not reach Bareges until midday, so that the race of 1 day could be completed without snow, skies veiled, it will thicken as progress morning, to be followed by a gray afternoon and already weak snow after noon. Iso 0 ° to 1.400m. Light Temp -2 / 4 ° C. Temp race around -6 º C at 2000m. Keep warm.

Sunday: Snow weak since dawn and the morning
During the night from Saturday to Sunday rolará south to NE, so we will not be protected flow south Pyrenean barrier. Quite the reverse, starting to snow in light at dawn and continuing throughout the morning. Snow level to 800m at noon, with light winds from the northeast. Iso 0 ° being about 1.200m. Temp career -7 º C. Keep warm. The snow will be subsiding at the end of the evening, although expected weak (about 10cm)

good race at all!

snow and avalanche bulletin for the Pyrenees: Reaching new snow. Considerable risk climbing (3) in English Pyrenees, especially on northern slopes (NW-N-NE)
current Innivation : To this day he remains in deficit for the end of January, with snow beginning to be continuous between 1.700 and 1.900m in the northern slopes with a thickness of only 20cm to 1.900my up to 50-80cm to 2.100m Above the thickness is 2,400 meters above, with higher accumulations in shady and concave, where snow is stored more easily. The snow is hard on both sides, softened in the sun on the southern slopes. Snowfall expected for these next few hours in very low levels will change finally snowy landscape of our Pyrenees.
recent snowfall: snow There have been no interest in the last 10 days
snowy mantle Stability: Manto stable. Snowy Friday in front and plaque formation in North slopes
The mantle is generally stabilized after 10 days with little rain and cold temperatures. However, on Friday afternoon and evening x expect a new 20cm of snow will fall to the bottom of the valleys and winds coming from south and southeast. These guidelines snow will form plaques in the north and NW, facing the Saturday and Sunday will come out with overloads weak.
another arrives Saturday nevada south at noon, somewhat weaker and less wind. On Sunday it seems that the English side will be less loaded, but can also fall on the border 5cm. So, the picture will change significantly. There are these snow with high winds, but it will increase the risk of avalanches to Moderate (2) in the French Pyrenees and perhaps Considerable (3) in the Aragonese Pyrenees, on Saturday and Sunday.
The most dangerous slopes on Saturday and Sunday will be the north, stretching from NW to NE (including W), which are the largest formation of plaques should be sustained. The southern slopes are less prone to plaque formation, but it is difficult to ensure their safety, leaving these slopes at moderate risk (2).
These snow fall on hard snow at altitudes above 1,800-2.000mm, whose frozen surface can act as a slip plane, mainly in the northern slopes. At lower levels it will snow on the ground, solidifying much less the new thickness.
During snowfall may also cause snow avalanches naturally, although small or medium size. Avalanches are not expected merger, unless there are clear hot sun on Sunday that time the southern slopes, causing some small lava flows. Trend
later: the moment can not estimate a risk beyond Sunday to see the amounts of snow received. Without changes, including 3 in the north and 2 in the south.

And this "unreliable" bulletin sent Thursday gentlemen. Pinta
stirred, variable and uncertain. Do not pay much attention to these lines, watch the sky before going outside. Good
winter weekend a tutti ... Jorge García-Dihinx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

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The perfect circular: Picos Royo-Culibillas-Arroyeras-Espelunciecha, 15 Jan

My new skis Movement, Random model. Ideal combination of nerve width dimensions and light weight. With 1.100g per 167cm table and dimensions 115-76-105, with a turning radius of 19m. Well down for all types of snow!

perfect Circular: Picos Royo-Culibillas-Arroyeras-Espelunciecha
Saturday January 15, 2011
Champi, Marie Claude, Alfred, Adrian and Jorge

Wonderful circular turn in solid-Royo-Culibillas Arroyeras-Espelunciecha. An area that is always a guarantee of snow from December until early May. Day
clean and cold. Leaving tracks Formigal Anayet course of the bco of Lapazuso to suir, with crampons final ramp at Pico Royo. Thence following peaks chained, moving the boundary of the ridge. After you peak in the penultimate, the Arroyeras, the snow hard and fast on the plains of the flock of Anayet leaves us at the foot of Espelunciecha, will be raised as the finale and it will make "peak shuttle" to a glorious final descent so we avoid the tedious bco of Culibillas. 6.30
Everything ', sharing the day with a group of Vitoria with which we agree. What nice.
Great day. Hiking without technical difficulties and highly recommended.
Until next time!
The rest of the photos you can see by clicking here

Map 1:25.000 Alpina made the


Entering Lapazuso Valley, towards the Pico Royo

Towards a ramp where we have to put knives before

Drawing on the first ramp required

stopped to put crampons for the final ramp to Pico Royo

crampons and ice ax. Material must for any backcountry skiing output

At the top of Pico Royo: Adrian, Champi, Alfredo, Marie Claude and Jorge

View the two peaks to which we go now, 1 and then the Culibillas Arroyeras

Champi and Alfredo, downclimbing from the summit back to skis, waiting below

be seen behind the ice ax and your broker Escarra Punta Norte

After downloading the Pico Royo, go to the Culibillas. Some on foot, I will trace the entire ridge with skis on, although there will be sections where crampons will always be the wiser choice

Champi and Adrian, heading Culibillas, and in south side of the mountain, the sunny day.

Charting the final edge to Culibillas. Just between me and them is hidden the south channel then go down the ski to the south, toward the Arroyeras

Vista back from near the top of Culibillas. Behind the mountaineer can guess the channel then go down skiing right

Overview of the route that we had seen from the 2nd summit of the day, the Pico Culibillas

Vista Espelunciecha zoom, our final shuttle peak. You see this little southern channel as final descent will choose to end her

Champi waiting for me with two of the de Vitoria began to ski the south channel of Culibillas

Down, leaving the canal, followed by a gentle diagonal south to put skins and begin a new rise to the next peak,
In skiing we have that bad habit of never wanting to lose height, when, many times, that is the solution

Jib Arroyeras southern face, due to its hill, where we almost all end studs for ramps (best)

Ramps Concluding Arroyeras, Champi and Alfredo climb with crampons. Culibillas back and let the

Champi, last meters to the top

Those who have attacked Arroyeras the south, without going before the hill, have also been forced to ski barefoot, as the final ramps precipitous far. In the photo, Adrian, two of Vitoria and Marie-Claude.

Arroyeras Since we launched in the 2 nd day drop, to elcollado that will happen to the slopes of the mountain lakes of Anayet. Southern slopes, with very nice snow skiing Spring

After crossing the pass, we turn to North Slope, with snow changing, hard, dust, crust, a bit of everything. We went down to the fold of Anayet

Shadow down to the plains of the flock of Anayet

Raising the back end of our last climb of the day, Espelunciecha (peak shuttle)

Overview several photos at the top of Espelunciecha, we share with the group of Vitoria. There was only the final descent, proving that we had sighted the south channel.

Wonderful south channel from the shoulder of Espelunciecha. Although beginning to give shade, the snow was still spring, loose and easy to ski. Perfect finishing touch to this newsletter!

Drying in the sun Random Movement Biescas. The next day we have an appointment with Donato, Edesio and Snow White in Panticosa Spa!

and red bunting, ladies skis, you have behaved well