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Trilogy from Villanúa: Somol Sur, Punta Spathe and Bacuna, February 24

July Benede sing well in the southern slopes of South Somol. Perfect straight carving skis with the 80 others would throw away those old having dimensions as straight. July values \u200b\u200btheir free time that having a lot of money and so with less money and more free time to live, is the happiest person in the world.

skis from Villanúa Trilogy: South Somol (2.574m), Punta Spathe (2.202m) and North Bacuna (2.191m)

Thursday February 24, 2011 July

Benede , Javi Fuentes and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

has snowed a lot the last few days and we can not be of unstable snow. Benede July I plan to become in Villanúa to climb a few steep slopes or two thousand without great risk. Javi at the moment and I have no idea what to do today. The hat of July always holds surprises.
After leaving late from Zaragoza, we get slower by the works of Monrepós and Sabiñánigo, let us stand long periods. Time is running forward (as always?) And we Villanúa at 10 am, where we met with in July. Buff, what times ... July is proposing up to Somol. Gentle slopes and guidance south and west. The Somol? Mola!
As we go without having to take permission for the track, before reaching the fence of the main track, take the turning of another track off to the right (east) and is directed toward the Source of Paco. This track does not need permission and allows access, then by road, even more quickly than by car on the track, which alternates always cut you a snow field.
So, following that track (unknown to us), about 100m before the bridge that leads to a small parking, leave the car. There appears to the left another old track that goes across country after a metal gate can be opened (a key starting point.) Start there on foot, following this track-path through the forest. We are just 1.250my although the snow begins to 1.800m, the main track of the Trapa keeps snow from the 1.600m.
But it is already 11:15 am! What tardeee! Julio, who knows by heart the easy route, urges us to remove weight of backpacks
- "Guys, we have to make time run backwards! Out weight of the backpacks! Have to risk!".
Let's see what we can throw out. Ummm ... It's hot. Outside the plumes, gloves were overweight, out crampons, ice axes and off outside water (which must then source.) We left with minimum weight, but keep the two pairs of skin, the blades in case one of these slopes were smooth hardened, a little food, few clothes and kit avalanche (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe). In extreme times, extreme measures (even in July you know in advance that the road was not extreme, but easy, ideal for beginners. We do not. But we obey and crampons, not without some hesitation ...). They finally
11:20 AM when we left the track-path in a forest in which there until Tarzan vines! The key to keep this road that at times the set up small open areas is to follow the red marks are painted on trees and rocks. Important to follow (although we all we do is to follow in July, of course. Ha ha.)
The itinerary is always close to the river gorge Bozuelo (Or spathe). On the way we meet from time to time a fallen tree blocking a road. There comes a point where another fallen tree indicates that the path bends to the left (north) and becomes narrower. The red mark on another tree on the left to guide us back on track. Follow up by thick vegetation. In just half an hour from the car and reached the main track, about 1500m. A couple of hairpin curves on foot and skis will soon! Bieen! At the moment this goes! We started to stop the clock, which is not going forward. Has stopped! We
without water for more weight saving clear. Because you know the saying: "In the mountains have to hydrate well but there have to carry water (unnecessary). "Thus, shortly after we stopped at the booth, the refuge of plain or Cubilar Güeys of Oxen at the beginning of the valley of the spathe. Here we source of water in the trough and then we always address this in this V-shaped valley that leads to the col de Maran.'ll leave the detour to the left (sometimes less obvious) of the route that will Collarada and Collaradeta and beyond, reaching the hill Maran, turn to the left (N) to climb the southern slopes of the broad valleys of the Villanúa sheepish. The day is clear. We do not get tired fast but because we no weight, what a delight!
are only 2 in the afternoon and 2.380m, and turn, following a steep blade toward the right-hand to encircle the South Somol the left and finally attack your paddle north. We recovered the time! We made it, time goes backward! Yupiii. Concluding the northern slopes are well Somol hard, but following a good draw, we got to save them without knives (carry recommended). Arrival at the top is as soft as if it were the Quimbo or Marboré. They are a little after 14:30 and we have made top! In just over 3 short hours! The clock is running backwards!
From the top, cut to the Valley of Aurín are impressive and the views over the plateau hung Pala of Bucuesa and Ray (esquiable. .. umm ...). Remove skin and down the slopes skiing south Aurín overlooking the valley, making a nice loop. Spring snow, idyllic, which makes skied as well as "good." We met with our tracks just before the hill climb of Marano.
are still 3 in the afternoon ... Ummm ... What if we went too Punta Spathe? Well why not? We have some time back home? No! Well, by the Spathe!
Further on after a flanking we keep up to 1.820m shoulder, hung over the valley of the spathe. They stopped for lunch in the sun and put skins. What a beautiful afternoon is doing ... We still have a little less 400m to the Punta Spathe we reached at 16:15. Great vantage point of the entire south face of massive necklaces. And they two top in the afternoon! July
still keeps me another surprise. He says: - "Look George, what is missing from Harvey in his material?" Umm?? The backpack!
- "Exactly! We've left on the hill of Bacuna to further ease and so return him to complete the trilogy North subiendoal Bacuna! You do?"
- "I love it! A by Bacuna!"
said than done. We descended the hill of Bacuna skiing, where at 16:40 we are already coming up with the skins on our last summit. I have a front Javi
that foquea toward the sun and puts me in line with the sun king, giving me a dream silhouettes. And I already took over 100 photos, and I'm still shooting ...
Shortly after 5 pm there we are, two thousand more in the southern Pyrenees, watching the sunset over the Moncayo and the plains of Aragon. Which trip has been taken in July of the hat! Are
17:16 pm when we go skiing from the North Bacuna back to the track of the spathe, which then continue to ski where the snow ends, then return the way round to the car. We got there at 18:12 h after just under 7 hours of beautiful route on skis. Thanks
July to discover this area so close, so easy and noble as well as unknown, overshadowed by famous name necklaces and Collaradeta. Small
afterthought: Big mountains often look better from their satellites, sometimes even best skiing and generally have lower risk. But the ego we usually often lead to try "something big."
The next day I will try to carry on doing "something big", a new way to Tendeñera, would fail, for wanting to sell the bear's skin before the hunt.
This is the mountain, says Luis Royo: "A state of mind", so changing. Just when we thought this morning that the risk of avalanches were not going to do a humble walk, then later became, the time ran the route back and became an original trilogy. And when the next day we thought to open a new route on skis from plasterer, all would be a loophole in the valleys that descend to Linás. So the mountain is unpredictable. This time we did much more than expected. Tomorrow will happen in reverse. Continue. Jorge García-


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Map Alpina 1:25.000 our journey, starting from the unknown track to be the source of Paco and that does not require permission. Then, with just 30 minutes of walking path, you're on the main track and skis soon already!

Sunbed the V-shaped valley that leads to the hill east of Maran

Punta Spathe Behind us, Javi and I still do not know we were going

up after

Leaving a large blade with soft mushrooms that we set not to tire the group

Javi and July reaching the summit of South Somol. In the background looms the

Somol From the top of the mountain peak falls. We looked at the impressive cut that falls to the valley Aurín. Let's see if we see Francho!

Rather than go the same place, we opted for the southern slopes overlooking the valley Aurín. Perfect spring snow in winter

July and Javi, drawing on the ground turns soft safe

lining up again spar valley en route to a shoulder pondermos skins for up to Punta Spathe, the second peak of the day

Javi up well guarded by the sisters and Collaradeta Collarada

Going to Punta Spathe

After the Bacuna down the hill, we put new skins and let the North Bacuna

beginning the ascent Javi Bacuna . Textures backlit

The afternoon sun backlighting creates a dreamy reflections. And all this ... it's free! You can not buy this happiness. It pleases everyone, rich or poor, but often earn it the rich in spirit

Javi and July reaching Bacuna, our third summit of the day

Javi and July covered the plains of Aragon with the sunset from the two thousand more to the south of the Pyrenees. Time is running backwards. The sun lights accompanied with later. Some tops for all public and usually without any public ...

lights 5 in the evening create a magical colors. Does not blow. Not cold. No one.

Thanks Luis for these Marville Random Movement skis so well up and down even better!

And hurry the last km on the vang track. Later, after spending 2 saldermos hairpin curves of the path Apistan is our another track, the source of Paco

seems that we fall down the path to the car

and cycling through the fence, linking us to track the source of Paco. What a great day and what unexpected end, with three peaks almost unknown to Javi and me.

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Portalet-Port Circular Canal Roya-Peña White-Pico-Pico Canal Roya-Coll Rebecca Caillabet L'Ou-Aneu. Sunday February 20

Marie-Claude and Snow White, acceding to the edge with walls of Peña Blanca

Circular Puerto Portalet - Puerto Canal Roya - Pena Blanca Peak - Peak Canal Roya - Pico Caillabet Rebecca - Coll de l'Ou - Parking Aneu

Sunday February 20, 2011

Alex Sola, Angel Jaen (Champi), Donato Molina Enrique Lardiés, Miguel Angel Campos, Isabel San Juan, Marie-Claude Tourillon, Charo Kantarero, Irune Omeñaca, Teresa Moreno, Cristina, Toya, White Snow and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

comes the weekend draw from the hat another circular to all public in the vicinity of Portalet, Staying within the area back to Bious and alternating periods in Spain with others in France.
the day was sunny. We left the same port Portalet at 9:15 and went promptly to Spain Formigal flanking the tracks to the port city of Canal Roya. Here we take a belt hung under the hood and Cuyalaret Aneu, SW orientation, which allows a smooth ride with views Anayet environment and leave us on the edge of White Rock Canal Roya.
We trace the edge, partly on foot and some on skis, to Pico Canal Roya. So far everything is going well. But in the beginning of the descent into the valley head Bious, discover the "tender crust" that the previous day's humidity has left us a gift. Crusty snow below 2,200 m, which is our elevation slopes this day of gentle slopes. The descent to the low level of Aneu coll is eternal, with Mary and falls around a go-go. So much so that the 8 girls who came with much enthusiasm decide to retreat! Go!
So, taking advantage of the situation, Miguel Angel stands as a leader of the girls and "offered" to lead them back to the car, climbing Aneu coll. Oooooohhh ... It was 13:30 and we had lost all female company on a day of record for girls!
The rest of the guys we follow your plan and go back the hanging valley that will lead to Pico Caillabet Rebecca, great vantage point across the area from Astún and the Portalet. A few weeks before July Benede had shown me the access to this vertical rocky crag that seems impregnable access. But surrounding it is accessed behind some comfort to the top. Steps of mixed snow and rock, which are settled better without crampons, allow us to reach the top. Are at 14:40. Downclimbing
carefully and, after returning from the skis, we started a good run of spring snow on a hillside south leaving us on a hill between our bill and Raisin Peña. From the pass, descend north-facing slopes (and new crust!) To the Quebottes Lous cabins, where we stop for lunch in the sun. These are 15:30. Shortly before 4 pm began the last climb of the day, this enchanted forest that leads to the walls of Peña Peyreget (not Peyreget Peak) and we will shortly before 5 pm on the Coll de l'Ou , last pass of the day. Finally, more snow crust on the car all the way down.
Finally, you can not have everything, sun, girls, good snow and no risk of avalanches. On this occasion we opted for low levels of snow avalanche risk, but it was at high risk of scab ... Ja, ja. You have to learn to ski in all types of snow!
Until next time! Jorge

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French IGN 1:25,000 map with the route taken

View of the first part of the tour, shot in January 2009 up to the Peak

Anayet Pico View from the Port of Canal Roya

girl group: Irune, Elizabeth White, Toya, Charo, Marie-Claude, and Teresa Cristina

the broad Jib Port Canal Roya. AITZ following tables

Snow White leading the group doubles. In the background, the area-Arroyeras-Anayet Espelunciecha

Climbing the hill of Pena Blanca

Miguel Angel, Isabel and Alex, and on the edge of Peña Blanca

foot stretch to the edge that would take the White Rock Canal Roya

Descent from Canal Roya. Although it seems wonderful powder snow crust was a horrible, hidden gift for that Sunday

Champi, Alex and Donato, climbing ramps Rebecca Caillabet

From Caillabet Rebecca see the path that we are left to the huts and the hill de l'Ou

carefully down climbing ramps back to skis

Sun has begun to soften the southern slopes, where the crust disappears, we'll meet again after returning to the northern slopes after

We river after another decline in snow crust. Although personally, this crust was solid and allowed to ski if you did it with care, skidding well queues at every turn

After stopping to eat in the cabins, we take up the final climb this beautiful

our izda After leaving the walls of Peña Peyreget, we reached the Col de l'Ou

Henry, Champi, Donato, Alex and Jorge, back in the parking lot of Aneu. It was 17:39 pm. End of another great day in the mountains, but not great skiing

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La Munia, February 12

Cristina and Chema with Pico Robiñera and lakes behind

L to Munia (3.134m) on skis, x Chisagüés
Saturday February 12, 2011

Enrique Lardiés, Edesio Vidal, Maria Cristina Martinez and Chema, Javier Goicoechea and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

took advantage of the conditions of poor snow cover at lower altitudes that there was still the Last February 12 to access the trail that climbs to Chisagüés mines Parzen (Biel), even reaching the altitude 1.850m with the Toyota Prius of Henry. Clean day. Well!
from Madrid are encouraged to Colemenar (Cristina and Chema). Also pointing from Logroño and of course Javier Goicoechea Edesio and Harry.
went out with skis on runway up to the precipice of Clot, we crossed initially, rising on his right to a narrowing this year is no snow and the skis barefoot we (inbound descend the slopes of izquieda margin, between snow and grass skiing .) After the narrows, we walk a plain that lies under the south wall of Robiñera, where we had lunch. From there we climb a steep, narrow channel, with skis, to the Pass of the Doors (2.553m), which leads us to the plains of the Lake of the Munia. Thence south facing gentle ramps lead to the Col de la Munia.
think it would be best to avoid cat over the normal route from the Col de la Munia. So we're climbing the right-hand to reach the base of a rock wall where we will ski. We
access from this side stripe edge, hanging, makes you the edge over the Paso del Gato. But once we see that the nearby snow slope is steeper than it looked when we saw a few days before from Ordesa. Ummm ...
The snow is very wet, even rotting in the hot sections near the rock wall, which takes all day in the sun. After leaving skis and put crampons, move gently along the hillside to the rock wall to our right. We climbed a ledge of rock and we Enrique and myself on the shoulder on horizontal traverse. The rest of the group do not just prefer to stay clear and wait where the skis. Quarter's 3 o'clock.
After completion this rock ledge, Enrique live strip up by area of \u200b\u200brock and snow. Loose rock, solid rock. Which is which? Because only parts of rock outcrops partially covered by this rotten snow. Umm ... We must go carefully testing each piece of rock that grabs one before you pull, making sure that no loose. And so I follow
Henry, who is already installed on the summit ridge. I scream that "the moment everything is going well." That encourages me to follow in his footsteps for a more delicate terrain than expected. I have uploaded with care, planting tips of my crampons on rock and sinking carefully around the ice ax into the snow before each step. At one point, I leave the rock area to area with snow, but without the imprint of Henry. It seems that he has climbed a right channel. The last 4 meters for connecting with the edge of a ramp of snow are vertical in which I try to sink it my boots at every step, and the entire ice ax into the snow. I still have 2 meters and climbs more. To climb, no problem. But I look down and then imagining the look down. The snow is very wet after leading all day in the sun. Will have to work to lose, I think. The presence of Henry above gives me confidence. I climb the last meters.
Well, I'm on the edge with Henry. From our place on the ridge, the famous cat washing step is already under us, but we still have the edge at the top is long. A for it!
begin with a broad, flat area for which advance glued to the French side (north) to the south side as a large cornices hang from the edge not seen. We follow and more entertaining sections, mixed snow and rock that are left to do. We are half-edge when I look at his watch: 3:30 PM.
follow the rise and fall of the edge, focusing on each step, alternating rock and snow. Enrique and I'll go back to the walls fotofrafiando Ordesa in the background. I let it go for shooting the opposite perspective to the last minute. Shortly before the summit there is a sharp transition from the type of snow that are on the Alpamayo. Umm ... Enrique cautiously passes without difficulty and, a little later and we're on top. What long has been the edge! comment. Are
15:48 hours. Just 2 minutes we were on top. Just to a few quick pictures and a short drink of water. Below are waiting for the rest and will be concerned about not knowing anything about us. TOO redo the edge is and then see how we descended the steep slope south to ski ...
remains fabric. Well, concentration, calmness and continuous attention each step. Become slowly but steadily up the ridge. At 16:12 pm we reach the point where we caught the edge. To avoid this we detrepe as vertical edge down gently a few feet and then make a horizontal crossing our path will lead to rise of rock and snow and, hence, to skis. We reached them at 16:40 hours. It has cost us 2 hours up and down! What intense. What physical and mental spending only a few meters .... but so delicate.
We conclude that the most natural and safe to climb the Munia is to follow the normal route that runs from the Col de la Munia along the ridge, passing over cat. Although it is a step washing and somewhat technical, is not exposed and offers more guarantees of security and self use the ramp that we have chosen. Just a small sling to protect the safe passage, while our ramp had no means of defending himself. Well
nothing but the greatest difficulties, we ski and we jump into lakes of Munia with lights in the evening and a pleasant spring snow allows us to skiing well! Yupiii!
Shortly after 6 pm we got back to the car, thereby benefiting from a drop still more snow than expected, despite being half of the decline already in shadow!
What a great activity! Thanks the whole group for your company. A Javier, Edesio, Cristina and Chema and waited for 2 hours of edge! And Henry, who guided me to it, and without which it could not have come this far. Thanks again, fellow Rochefort! Jorge
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map of 1:25.000 m Prames editorial for the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido

Our trip to the Muni, by the side strip prevents the passage of the cat. Our conclusion is that a belt is exposed and less secure than the normal cat step. From here we recommend going the normal way, leading a small sling case to ensure that short step, easy self-protection.