Thursday, July 29, 2010

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out another tray Box V - We have just a tray

Here we see that the two sides at the end we are left with a strip of paper. That strip is cut after we will cover the top of the corner We make two angled cuts in the strip and we will be something like this picture
We some glue to strip on the inside and turned on the pressure angle with the bone folder

The ex-strip once glued in place. As seen is covering the top of the corner, allowing us to now simply fold the sides after the glue

The ex-strip view from inside the box
We show that the side will place before gluing ...
we glue ...
And bending over, taking care to avoid air bubbles, after reviewing the letter opener
continue along the bottom for the last part to be bonded either side ...
We tail ...
.... And bend ....
As you see, and only left side, we glue it and fold ...
It remains the top to cover this set once placed on your site ... and continue with the other side
A finished side and the other nothing but the absence of folding the top and cover the other kinks ...
And ... Here is our first tray
Another view of the same tray
Before proceeding we find that our comics are housed perfectly in the tray, as this is what will hold them directly. If so, great, if not not be depressed, think in what may have happened and maybe you have too tuned in Measures leaving appropriate margins. This should not have happened, it is mere anecdote, so in the next blog take far-trade for the next tray
that is intended to cover the one just ended.

Monday, July 26, 2010

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Box Tutorial IV - started to cut

To support the start box by gluing the bottom which is also the simplest, so we turned the corner as shown in the image

cut the folded piece

And these pieces are ready to bend and stick

Glue the longer, putting another piece of paper underneath to avoid staining the work surface and then bend from the letter opener to avoid air bubbles

Do the same with the sides and bottom and we would have

the papers to cut inland, we will support you in a metal ruler that will parallel to the side on the inside and from the board will cut straight to the end with a scalpel


turning the box and do the same on every corner, put the ruler flush against the inside and out with the scalpel cut

Here you can see how it goes and as being in the corner after making these cuts we are left with a small strip
will see later that serves

We always rule within and knife parallel to the outside

Here we have come to the open side of the box. We set parallel rule on the outside and give the court so that the paper left to hit is equal to the width of the inside of the box


is the position of the rule and where the cut starts to the last outer side

Here is our box full of cut paper, which will only have to be glued and turned inward as we shall see The following blog-trade

Thursday, July 22, 2010

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Box Tutorial III: We started

we glue one side

Put the piece glued on strip position paper on the mark, 30 mm from the left edge and 25 mm of the top (which is where we draw the line that should serve to guide us now)

tight with the bone folder or other tool try to avoid leaving air pockets in the paper.

As is the case apply to the long tail.

lying or we rotate the box to drop the new piece glued on paper (visual aids provided in the stud)

we have two pieces glued together, now we glue the third likewise.

rotate and we place the last piece glued on paper. Now you are stuck. See protruding by the open sides 30 mm and we used to line terminations.
Now would be advisable to check if they have been some air pockets in the paper and remove the letter opener.

In the next Blog-trade must see how cut and fold the paper so you can turn it so that it covers the box correctly.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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paste Box II Tutorial: Tutorial

We have the pieces cut to the measurements obtained, it is now


We hit the long side to the base because short side will be attached to it.

The sides are short tail down and the union that goes against the long side

We have all stuck. Some people put a small piece of masking tape on the joints to prevent movement until dry and then removed. I prefer to blend together the pieces and put a weight on

I put the weight on a board that is shared across the three pieces and a better line.


spend an hour or so and proceed to make arrangements for the role with which we will cover this small container.

We measure it around the perimeter, which is the length of the paper we're going to cut (length + width + width + 60 mm (to rotate 30 mm on each side, then you will see )) x (the height of each side x 2 + 50 mm (because you have to cover the outside, inside and into the tray below and see pictures below)

Cut the strip of paper ( elephant in this case because it is quite sturdy) and mark a line at 25 mm, to be sticking the box it will guide us.

We mark another starting point to 30 mm and then begin to stick.

Before the paper cover is appropriate if the comics probeis go well in the pack and have a small window to continue going after the siding.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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started lining Box I: Measures Tutorial

We will begin taking measurements of the smaller box, which will contain the comics directly, since the small box containing large.

To try to gain some precision in the measurement I put the comics between two pieces of wood, since there are always bigger than any other.

So measure the width of the group of comics


measure the high

So we measure the thickness of the whole.

Once we have these measures have to cut the cards in Scheme 1 of the previous entry in accordance with the following Instructions:

small box A = (height + width of 2 cartons + 4 mm) x (width + thickness of 1 carton + 4 mm)

2 pieces of short side LC-A = (W + 4 mm) x (+ 4 mm thick)

1 long side piece of LL-A = (height + thickness of 2 cartons + 4 mm) x (+ 4 mm thick)

Personally I like that it is compact land use cartons of 22 or 24.
EYE - Notice that the long side of the base goes in the direction of the grain.