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Trilogy: Picos Cuyalaret, Mauhourat and P White, Sunday 13 March

Aerial our little journey, linking the peaks of the divide Portalet with the English side. Our idea was to follow, from the White P, along the ridge, to the Canal Roya, who appeared at the right-hand photo. But we threw the clouds above and had to return the car.

Trilogy in Portalet: Pico Cuyalaret, and Pena Blanca Mauhourat

Sunday March 13

Donato Molina, Alfredo, Marga, Alberto Lafarga, Lucia Cinto and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

After the rain and snow on Saturday, took advantage of good weather window on Sunday morning to go the Pyrenees. We warn of avalanches fallen the previous evening and change the plans. Bujaruelo leave the target and return to Portalet.
we do not know how or when the snow will be going to spoil the day, instead of drawing a circular required, go up a little beak Portalet area, alternating ups and downs as far as we leave the day.
So, we went first the Cuyalaret, descended and then climbed to Penis Mauhourat and after the second climb down to Peña Blanca. There and we begin to close the heavens and force us to retreat, back to the car, when to eat and celebrate a great day and a small window of sunshine.
Thank you all for coming! Jorge

Map 1; 25,000 of issues with our small loops Alpina day

Leaving alone the Portalet, with fog lights that give us pretty

Lights and shadows created by morning mist

already near the first peak of the day, Cuyalaret, we last French sea of \u200b\u200bclouds

Spectacular views known to the Rinconada de Anayet from Cuyalaret

After a first down, we put skins for up to 2 ° peak of the day

Alfredo behind small avalanche that fell on Saturday afternoon with

look back to our first peak, which is now trodden by new skiers. The cheering will

Alfredo, in the last ramp to Mauhourat, to the full extent of Portalet behind

Mauhourat Views from the summit towards Cuyalaret. Behind the hill of Arroyeras and Punta Escarra

Last photo of the day, all on the 3 rd summit, Peña Blanca. Clouds invade us and invite us to return, leaving the full loop to the Canal Roya for another time. A ski all!


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