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The weather of March 25 to 28: Spring and variable. Sun and some afternoon rain x


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Bulletin issued on Thursday March 24, 2011 at 18:51 hours

General situation and trends: Spring, variable, with a little of everything

The moist flow situation Levante going to move away but we have a small "cold drop" cold pool or height west of Galicia, which will give us still afternoon with clouds and showers weak evolution afternoon. The temperature does not change much, being between fresh and soft. On Saturday respite of sunshine, which will partially damaged in the afternoon with some light rain. Sunday breaks over the Pyrenees, with a variable and then a week later more revolt, with moderate snowfall. Milder weather that Sunday in the rest of Aragon, with sun and clouds and some light rain in the afternoon. The start Sunday night to raise the north wind, heralding the arrival of the cyclone for the next week that will be noticed in Zgza from as early as Monday, with the sun. In the Pyrenees, yet still somewhat variable Monday and Tuesday before the high stability expected later Wednesday. To be confirmed.

In sunny day, with some clouds, being in general a good day for mountain skiing. The increased cloudiness in the afternoon, being able to escape any further light rain late afternoon. Temp between soft and fresh. Iso 0 ° to 2,400 m (level Snow 2000m), with temperature in the valleys of 3 / 12 ° C. Winds SW weak, moderate in height.
clear night after In Zaragoza we overcast almost all day. The expected dry morning, but afternoon showers can be weak, being moderate in some areas. The rain would stop after dark. Between soft and fresh Temp: 7 / 17 ° C and light winds from the East.

In beautiful sunny day, perfect for the do want and temperatures between fresh and soft. Iso 0 ° at 2600m. Temperatures in bays 3 / 14 º C (15 º C Formigal at 1 PM). After noon will gradually forming clouds of evolution, which could give weak afternoon rain, stopping again at dusk. Snow-bound water above 2.200m. The winds will be weak in the south, increasing to moderate at the end of the day. These winds "in crescendo" at dusk and cloudy night announced the arrival of more rain overnight, with snow level down to 1700m.
In Zaragoza beautiful sunny day and mild temp (6 / 21 ° C) with light winds from the SE. Afternoon clouds can form of evolution and can provide some weak shower, stopping then at night. Mid-morning, as in the Pyrenees, they can also light rain.

SUNDAY 27 MARCH: very disordered in the Pyrenees, THAT IMPORTANT EVENING WITH SNOW
In Pyrenees
day very messy and difficult to refine. Will have begun to snow this morning at dawn 1.600my very cloudy skies and snow still weak. Although it is very difficult to tune, could subside rainfall at mid-morning and could even open timid clear from mid-morning until noon, then return to close and as at 1 st h in the afternoon back in rainfall, which will intensify in the 2 nd half of day, with moderate or strong, both in the Pyrenees and the Catalan that afternoon. The snow level will dance among the 1,500 at the 1900th dawn to early afternoon. Winds will be moderate throughout the day, being the SW in the morning and gradually veering to the NW end of the day. Increasing the risk of avalanches late Notable (3). May fall between 15 and 30cm depending on the area.
In Zaragoza hopes to one day be variable, but much more lenient than in the Pyrenees. Alternate sun and clouds in the morning, looking much the sun in the middle of the day. By mid-afternoon clouds may come back evolution and give us some faint scattered showers, becoming open to late evening and night being quite clear. Mild temperatures (9 / 20 º C). Variable light winds in the morning, afternoon increasing to moderate W. Good morning gentlemen pedal cyclists. In the evening we arrive back some north wind, to keep that night to give us good morning Monday.

Trend post: Monday and Tuesday sunny and still a little scrambled Aragon in the Pyrenees. Wednesday anticyclone on?
sunny on Monday is expected in almost all Aragon, except the far west of the Pyrenees, where snow may be still weak in the morning, then improving and opening up clear of the sun. Boreas in the Ebro valley Pending
to be finally entering the anticyclone from Wednesday onwards, Tuesday is the last day of transition, still cloudy in the Pyrenees and perhaps weak and continuing snow in the sun Aragon center north wind still soft. Perhaps powerful anticyclone from Wednesday 30 onwards. To be confirmed at next newsletter.

snow and avalanche bulletin for the Aragonese Pyrenees: Manto stable. Limited Risk (2)
Innivation current and recent snowfall:
snowy There has been interest from more than 1 week. Before yesterday Tuesday dropped between 5 and 10cm of snow, mainly in the western Pyrenees, with just 1,400 m altitude. As usual this season, the snow depths are more or less suitable for the average at higher elevations above 2,000 m, still below normal in mid and low elevations. With the spring sun melts the snow quickly and the altitude skiing these days is situated above 1,600 m on north side of 1,800-2000m in the sun-facing slopes. The 1,800 m thick in northern slopes are about 30-60cm, beating a 2,200 m underground.
Tomorrow Friday, depending on tonight it is more or less clear, we packed snow in the morning after good rehielo, softened later in the day, expected to more or less sunny. If the rehielo was mediocre maybe just have a weak crust rehielo. In the north slopes above 2,400 m 2,200-we can still find powder snow or snow more or less sales.
snowy mantle Stability: Manto stable. Friday and Saturday, Risk Limited (2) of plates in north slopes above 2,200-2.400m for wet snowfall. Notable Increase in (3) for Sunday
Today we read in the newsletter nivológico of AEMET (which are Risk 3) the following sentence: THE MANTLE IS GENERALLY WELL stabilized, except North Slope of high altitudes, where evolution has been slower.
Well, the thread of the post published few days ago about the interpretation of European Risk Scale Avalanche. I must say that the terms "generally well Manto stabilized" and "Risk 3 " are incompatible. If we estimate Risk 3 can not speak of mantle generally well stabilized, synonymous expression, at best, Risk 2. And I say this because I think very important give at Risk 3, the value (and danger ) that you deserve, so that when you truly Risk 3, take the necessary precautions. Remember that the European Scale Avalanche Risk, Risk 3 is defined as "critical situation"
said, confirming that yes, after not being given significant snowfall since a week ago, the mantle is generally well stabilized. 5-10cm yesterday dropped Tuesday in the western Pyrenees have contributed to destabilizing the mantle below, and only very small plates created shady slopes. These may remain fragile and fall off with overloads weak but giving avalanche of small or very small size. Persist in older plaques north slopes above 2,400 m 2,200-still may get off though usually with strong surges, as would be the passage of several skiers together. As for the risk
natural wet snow avalanche, it will be weak in the early hours of the morning, increasing to Moderate (Risk 2) at noon, could result in wet snowfall very steep face sun that have not yet been purged, they can be small or medium size. Trend
later: similar risk to noon Saturday, increase later in the afternoon
After a Friday night more or less clear, we will again on Saturday at dawn on hard snow slopes to the sun, softened as time progresses. A Saturday afternoon rains can get weak, climbing to 2,200 m altitude, which would increase the risk of wet snow avalanches. It is therefore advisable to finish mid-afternoon activity.
for Sunday, perhaps increasing risk Notable (3), the expected snowfall between weak in the morning and then moderate in the afternoon, with winds from the SW and NW first end of the day. These snow will increase the risk of plaque both by landslides (mainly on slopes E and NE) and fresh snow. According come
quantities of snow, which can be important on Sunday afternoon, the risk for Monday would Notable (3) Strong or (4). the moment this can not be estimated reliably and to be seen how much snow on Sunday afternoon to speak properly. On Monday, if clear sun again give a first drain avalanche at noon. The next newsletter will be issued either late Sunday or during the Monday morning.

NOTE: These are only estimates made with data collected from shelters, nivológicos data public Internet access and personal estimates according to the weather forecast for the next few days. In no way is an accurate prediction but merely a personal estimate. Each group of climbers will be judging the conditions of the mountain at all times and on each side, acting with adequate security.

And these things I tell them Thursday afternoon gentlemen,
that you have a happy weekend! Jorge García-Dihinx


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