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De Astún to Collaradeta, March 20

Francis, rising to Collaradeta. Neber Pena left behind, with its vertical north wall and soft ski south side

De Astún to Collaradeta

Saturday March 20, 2011

Alex Sola, Javier Fuentes, Francis Cordée 64 and Jorge G ª-Dihinx (and 14 more ...)

This Saturday we wanted to make a beautiful circular, nicknamed "The Crown Astún." A great tour of the heights to which Benede July had brought me a few days. Anticyclone finally came the day before and after the purge avalachosa Friday, Saturday wanted to enjoy this scenic route.
But despite the anticyclone, Saturday we suffered a subtle flow north from France got the Somport all the clouds that, contrary to expectations, jumped over the divide to reach Astún! What a maroon!
At 8 am People began to appear in the parking lot exit. Cars and cars are coming ... Many people! But if we were going to be 5 or 6 at most, no? Total, among which the friend and invite him to the other and beyond, we met 18! We have "Risk 18" for the trip. We will not go very far ...
We left the track that goes towards the peaks paraludes Aronuse and Benoue, skis from the same car. Clouds fast across the divide and we wrap. We have reduced visibility. Will be opened, no? Think. But there still. Occasionally seems to be open and see the sun come up and blue sky, but soon closed again ... We reached the plain
paraludes 1.850my decided to go to the left by the canal that will take us to the first peak of the day, Arnouse, thinking that the sea of \u200b\u200bclouds below us will. Big mistake. As we climb is closing and we just have visibility. We move into a white universe, not just references and north winds becoming increasingly annoying. The GPS brand that we are near the top of Arnouse, but the thing does not look to change. We must make a decision and that is down. Removing skin and return the plain of paraludes. If that does not open, will have to fall back to the car, because all the circular path to wisdom teeth Malacara unthinkable by going blind and so much wind. Bad luck ... Total
that 18 guys changing skins on a sloping hillside are a good statistic for something to happen ... and suddenly shoots off a ski, sliding downhill like a rocket. Ostrasss! Ayyysss!
But not all bad news. Miguel Angel Campos has seen the history of skiing sideways before they disappear into the white world. Skiing is lowered and we see it disappear behind the white world and a few minutes later he returned to skiing in hand! What a guy! What luck! Almost to give us a bad day like we have, having recovered a ski and took for lost! Miqui Thanks! Resolved
this little incident, we started skiing down, telling all and checking visually if no one is left behind in that thick fog that surrounds us. The snow is very good, between hard and somewhat humid, ideal for skiing. Before 10 am and we're back in the car.
"And the day is over? Anything will do, right? Although every area is covered by clouds that jump from France. Umm ...
to see, except in areas open to the north, is now expected on a sunny day across the Pyrenees, no?. Sufficient to go a little south. We must develop a plan B and fast. Already
: We will Villanúa, the area of \u200b\u200bnecklaces. We must change the chip and redone again. The day begins again, but not all. Of the initial group, 4 and get off at Zaragoza. Everyone has obligations of various kinds and make the right decision. The rest we take the car and, after reaching Villanúa, we found no solace there. Without stopping for coffee or anything, we climbed the trail that goes to the Fuente del Paco (who does not need permission as the track of La Trappe). It is 11:30 when we start to walk, with all the heat, the forest path that will lead to the track and then the spathe, the level of Güeys (Ox), where we arrive after 1 hour porterage. Phew, it's hot ... But do you remember the cold we had a few hours in Astún?.
stopped eating and fetch water from the trough. It is now almost 1 pm when we finally started climbing with skis heading east through the valley just north of Punta Spathe and that leads to the hill of Maranhao. The heat takes its toll and continue withdrawing participants. Not make sense that you start to approach the 1 ...
But ... if there is light until 7, no? Nothing, trying to convince one and all to raise, at least, to Somol, which catches close.
continue climbing this large basin called sheepish of Villanúa. Some of them pull the right-hand and will go directly to Somol, while a group of 8 continue north, not yet final destination. It's 3 o'clock when we reached a plateau situated at 2.360m. New stop to eat and drink at the little sun. View the time it is, we set the remaining options: Option A (long), keep climbing to the left (NW) to the Rocks and Collaradeta Neber, both of 2.720m. Option B (short): Turn right (E) and again missing the last 200m to the South Somol and then down to the car. Both options have an equal number of followers and so the group becomes a new split in 2 halves. A group of 4 will go directly to Somol where they meet other 5 that shot for there before. The rest, Alex, Harvey, Francis and I will continue to Neber and Collaradeta.
An hour later, about 4:10 PM, we were top in Neber Peña (2.721m), From there we see below the plateau of Bucuesa ibón already early evening shadows. These shadows begin to lengthen again as if we were in January. We descend the hill that separates Collaradeta (2.729m), to upload later and reached its peak somewhat later than 5 pm. From our 2nd summit of the day we as necklaces and gets the sun glancing on its eastern side. The shadows and the sharpness of the whole atmosphere are winning every minute. Lights turn to winter, despite being on the verge of spring. Collarada dismiss board, which is that it is hard as a rock in the dome end, and begin the descent back to find the southern channel between Neber and Collaradeta. The snow is wet spring rate throughout the basin of South and SW slopes. Enjoy 45 minutes of skiing in these gentle slopes to get back to the Spathe shortly after 6 pm. In 40 min walking around the forest track and path back to the cars. Yet is the sun in the sky. How to lengthen the day ...
After this day of sun and heat so I really remember this day we started this morning in Astún, cold, wind and barely visible. Within km away on the same day we first felt the harsh winter and then the warm spring. This long day in late March allowed us to take two days to one. He gave us a second chance, the option of drawing a good plan B. Then there was the head that had to adapt and see that while we started to approach to 1, the day still held 5 or 6 hours of good business ahead.
Thank you all for the dismissal weather excuse with your smile at all times (even when we did not see anything!).
Thanks Alex, and Francis Harvey for joining all the way to find these beautiful places with the lights of late. White Thanks for waiting. Learn from this lesson "Weather" for future occasions. Jorge
To see the rest of the photos, you can click here

Alpina 1:25.000 Map with the route design (the plan "B"!)

few hours earlier, near Astún, struggled with the clouds that streamed in from France for the Somport. Eventually win them and we would retreat south to Villanúa

A few hours later, here we are going from the spathe, with the bottom


Francis photograph the Valle de Tena since the divide and Bucuesa Somol. We were reaching Peña Neber

Views to the plateau of Bucuesa ibón from Peña Neber. The shadow draws perfectly the gap or step is to get down to Bucuesa from Somol. Ummmm ... (For next time)

Alex and Javi, up to Collaradeta Peña, silhouetted

Collaradeta On the back of

Javi, Alex and Francis Collaradeta climbing. Behind the east side of Collarada

Our journey, as seen from the top of Collaradeta

started the decenso from Collaradeta

Alex and Javi , with evening lights

Ready for spinning these valleys and south facing ramps, which at that afternoon type spring snow still kept

Javi Fuentes, in between sun and shade decenso

evening lights adorn our car back to

Alex, Harvey and Francis. Behind

Javi in \u200b\u200bthe last ramps down to the Spathe

Javi, Francis, Alex and George, back in the Spathe

Returning through the woods to the car at Fuente del Paco

And Bunting Colorado, this long day is over! Jorge


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