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Pics d'Auliou and Soum d'Aas, in circular from Gabas. March 8 and Sanchacollons

Isabel San Juan, reaching the top of Soum d'Aas (2.427m), having previously topped Pic d'Auliou

Picos d'Auliou (2.409m) and Soum d'Aas (2.427m) in flow from Gabas
Tuesday March 8
Francis Cordée 64, Pilti, Diego Muñoz-Cobo, Isabel San Juan and Jorge G ª-Dihinx

had long had in mind up to these two modest peaks, which once photographed from the Cheru and also from the Peyrefet .
To climb these two peaks is needed snow at altitudes of 1,000-1.200m which allows travel on skis from the road up to Bious Gabas Artigues. But many of those times is closed Portalet.
This day the stars were on our side. And with bad weather on the English side, playing move to France. There had veiled skies, southerly winds and sunshine. At the very top occurred to us Back along the north side, crossing the valley of Aule. So would enjoy the powder snow in these northern slopes while forests would avoid the tedious climb, which is not very skiable.
So improvising things on the ground, we left a beautiful circular, suitable for all audiences and soft relief. The gap amount 1.400m.
With Francis, Diego, and Isabella Pilty your company. What a great day we had kids! Jorge

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photo tour a few years removed from the top of Pic Cheru

French IGN map, scale 1:25.000

Pilti and Isabel up through the woods after passing the barrier of Artigues Bious

Walk the gentle slopes south of the Valle d'Aas westbound

After leaving skis on the hill between the two summit, first climbed without crampons, the Pic d'Auliou

The crest of Soum loin d'Aas photographed my colleagues, half of the top edge to

Reaching the crest of Soum loin d'Aas. Behind all the faces from north of the Pyrenees Formigal and Astún

Pilti reaching the top of Soum d'Aas

Panoramic south from the summit, with all faces north from the Ossau the

top Photo: Diego, Isabel, Pilti, Francis and Jorge

Francis, driving on the poudreuse ...

Francis I took this picture in the powder. Above, Elizabeth and Diego are waiting for their turns.

Diego and Isabel decide to go down the zone to the left of the blade

Valley Tours Aule soft towards Artigues

Pilti, after crossing into the right mountain slope Aule River in the lower valley. Shortly after 5km road resume, which could be skiing virtually to the same car. Grand finale of a great day.


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