Sunday, March 27, 2011

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An avalanche buries a three climbers in the area Vignemale

Sunday An avalanche buries a three climbers in the sector Vignemale

Mini bulletin issued on Sunday March 27, 2011 at 20:00 as

Sunday morning, a group of mountaineers climbing to snowshoeing Vignemale leaving the Refuge des Oulettes Gaube when, before reaching the Hourquette d'Ossoue, about 2600m, have broken a plate, triggering an avalanche that has buried 3 of them. Fortunately, his teammates, thanks to the good use of their Arvas and shovels, have managed to get safely to the three. Hope this help us all learn the lesson and not to underestimate the value of the transceiver, shovel & probe as the only means of redemption (before choking the victim) to rescue our own colleagues.

This board can be considered as part of the old plates have been discussing in recent days, remaining present on shaded slopes above 2,200-2.400m which, initially, were sensitive only to strong surges . In this case, the overhead was strong (several pairs together).

Important to note that although this has been triggered avalanche on Sunday, the day on which the risk Notable has increased (3), this board could have also triggered Saturday (with Risk 2) met the criteria for risk 2 announced: Height above 2,400 m, shady slopes (WNW), steep slope ( > 30 °) and strong overload (many climbers clustered).

The risk for tomorrow afternoon and Sunday is superior (3), both snow avalanches (self during the snow) and landslides caused by Peron, steep slopes, even with weak overload (Risk 3).

Send this story to warn of avalanche risk for am Monday, which could reach Notable (3) Strong and (4).

recent snowfall snowy mantle and stability:

Yesterday noon Saturday after rain started coming to the Pyrenees, which took the form of rain to the 2,200-2.400m, humidifying the mantle and causing wet snowfall middle heights. Above that altitude rainfall was in the form of snow.

The snow level has gone down today to the 1,600 m today.

Between Saturday and Sunday have accumulated between 20 and 40 cm over 2200, 2,400 m, having accumulated more in the western Pyrenees and the East.

is expected that during the remainder of the afternoon and evening, to collect between 10 and 20 cm. On Monday

avalanche risk both spontaneous and accidental overloads will be weak, at least, Merit (3).

skies are expected tomorrow well covered in the French Pyrenees. On the English side is expected to clear large sun (except perhaps in the western Pyrenees), which purges encourage spontaneity in the hot sun bathed the rock in snow. We will also have over 2,200 m plates sensitive to overloads weak may trigger avalanches of medium size, able to bury a person.

newsletter is sent weekly nivológico weather and tomorrow, Monday afternoon.

Jorge G ª-Dihinx


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