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Musala (Sallent de Gallego), March 7 3

Fer teaches enjoying the rolling pin teeth Musalo SW

Musalo and Sanchacollons (Sallent de Gallego)
Monday March 7, 2011
Fer, Fon, Javier, Carlos D, Carlos F, Angel and Jorge
ran the 80's when in my teens I learned to ski. I was up on Saturday with the white bus from Zaragoza to Formigal and began to enjoy the sensations that I was teaching skiing. On each trip on the bus absorbed me looking at the mountains from the window on the right.
At the height of the diversion to Sallent, that always looked Musalo Pico blade. The perfect pyramid ... And I wondered, can ski there? Take that shovel as clean a cut? Is that extreme skiing? Might someday I ski there?
Well, this past Monday, March 7 gave answers to my questions. We meet a lot of friends for a great route with a combination of two great slopes, skiing first Sanchacollons South face of Pico and then the South West of Musala. What two major strokes, says Fer.
There goes the review of the day:
This route SW orientation, does not demand too early in the morning to let the sun has time to transform these slopes at dawn are still in shadow (as SW blade BisaurĂ­n).
We return to La Sarra (Sallent de Gallego) from where we left shortly after the 9 am, climbing initially on the track that climbs to Ibonciecho. Shortly after passing the entrance to another track that descends to Sallent, we take to the left a path that goes by addressing the entire track and you go up the forest in half an hour to where the snow allows the jib ski track . In a wide valley to 1.750m, where snow remains collection, we cut the track on up the road in summer, always with the skis on. We return to the track, at an altitude of 1,900 passes under a very rocky wall facing the sun and always remains snow-free. With skis on the track in a curve to the right-hand turn to get shady side, therefore, becomes the snow. There is the paraludes, in the ravine that descends from Ibonciecho Sanchacollons. We continue to the plain where the track turns to the left towards the Villa Ibonciecho. Right in that corner we can get water (not carrying unnecessary water from the car!), Since the pipeline passes under the bridge of the track and comes out the river (elevation 2,000). Are 10:45 am There we left the track and turn to the right (east) to get some valleys that we are taking from this valley called La Cubetilla and is gradually turning northerly curve. It is a natural valley pleasant to go through it EQUIS journey. Trying to scoop up directly by the south would be very delicate and tired. The natural valley ends up taking us in gentle curve the hill called Cubetilla Pass (2.613m ) (which provides access to Respomuso) where we arrived shortly after 12. There
stop to eat, we take off your skis and then climb the last meters to Sanchacollons (2.696m) with crampons. The view from the top to the area of \u200b\u200bSallent de Gallego is the best of the Valle de Tena, if not the view north, with all Respomuso circus without a soul and all bathed in the sun ...
We let our fucking shovel sunshine and go south to soften and the 1 pm start the first descent of the day, 550m of vertical. Snow softening the midday heat and allows down safely. Well, well! Good feelings!
We reached the height 2.150m where we stopped again to eat and put skins to climb to our second summit of the day, the peak Musala (2.658m). We expect 500m drop it all up. Will be at 2 pm when we start the second climb. Open track and try to trace the easiest route in a few outstanding moments that are very strong. I love to draw "perfect footprint" (well, although not perfect, I try). I get tired more open track, but I enjoy both ... I try to get the lowest fatigue group with the highest performance.
And so, we reached the summit at 3:05 and the day still holds. Well! The We are changing clouds filling the sky and shadows alternating with the sun. Half an hour later we began the second day rolling pin, which is in perfect spring snow. A for him! To Infinity ... and beyond!
My companions, with skis distances "free-ride" once again enjoy a great time, taping each other and having a pipe. Blade is perfect ...
The descend to the altitude 2,100 (although some are put before a canal between two rocky areas) to return to Villa Ibonciecho drawing a smooth flank under a rock wall. The rest of the route we did for our tracks rise, largely because of the track, which ran with heavy snow somewhat slow. Important not to miss the point of the track where the return path to take because there is no marker (if there is a tree with many branches cut off). If you skip it, you can enjoy many miles of track to get bored. On the trail, the descent is rapid.
The path leaves us in a few minutes in the car, about 5 pm. We have completed an 8-hour workday! Without overtime, from 9 to 5! And how well we enjoyed! We must celebrate with some good beers ... right there! Eh?
Until next time guys! Jorge
To see the rest of the photos, you can click here
Travel to Musalo Sanchacollons and watched a few months ago from the Pico Royo Formigal

IGN 1:25.000 map with our route

In the last few yards before getting water and leave the track, then going to La Cubetilla

Following the Cubetilla troughs, which then turns north and goes steep

end ramps to Pass Cubetilla

In the saddle of Cubetilla Pass, leaving the right-hand picture of the entire natural watercourse

Champi, climbing to the top of Sanchacollons

Behind Champi, climb the rest of the group

panoramic view eastward from the Sanchacollons: Facha, Tebarray, Hells, Garmo ...

Fer, blades Sanchacollons southern

Carlos F, mid-upper. In the background and the environment Foratata

Champi and Javi watch half of blade while Fer continues its descent

Carlos F, photographed and recorded by Fer and Carlos

Climbing the steep blade end to Musalo

View from the upper East Musalo and near the top

Javito and Carlos, reaching the top of Musalo

Carlos F, Tena Valley with the backdrop of

Javito, giving all

Carlos F in the upper

Carlos F, image of a lone skier on a shovel viewpoint of the Valley of Tena

Fer, Fon, Carlos F, Javito, Carlos D, Champi and Jorge

With Champi in the car. Thank you always for your hospitality and unconditional MC.

From the road again we see our footprints on the south side of Sanchacollons ...


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